• From Temporary Rentals to Permanent Solutions

    Whether office locations to house workflow or apartments to rent during travels, temporary rentals are growing in popularity due to their flexibility, convenience and affordability.

    National 08 August 2017 12:23
  • What do Cupcakes and Apartments Have in Common? Crumbs Bakeshop Founder Jason Bauer Launches Voda Bauer Real Estate with Avi Voda

    Voda Bauer is a new, full-service real estate firm based in Brooklyn, N.Y. with headquarters at the WeWork Fulton Center. Established by real estate veteran Avi Voda and Jason Bauer, the founder of Crumbs Bakeshop, the company is aiming to change the way business in the industry is conducted. The founders believe that the secret to greater productivity for all lies in employee collaboration.

    National 12 June 2014 20:28
  • WeWork Joins Boston Startup Madness with Two Shared Offices

    Judging by the number of large companies that recently moved in Boston’s buzzing Financial District or are building their own high-profile business centers in the fast-growing Seaport District, the Hub is one of the cities that almost fully recovered from the economic downturn. While this translates into big cash revenue for the city, low vacancy rates and soaring rents have forced small-sized businesses reconsider their options for office spaces.

    Boston 24 January 2014 17:50

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