• Shinola Expands Operations in Detroit with 2,000 Sq. Ft. Watch Dial Factory

    As Detroit struggles to emerge from bankruptcy, locally-based manufacturers and retailers such as Shinola are joining deep-pocketed investors inthe city’s revitalization efforts.

    Detroit 29 November 2014 17:23
  • Insights on the Transformation of Detroit

    For many American cities, the end of 2007 marked the bitter start of what now experts call “The Great Recession”: the collapse of large financial institutions that shattered the economy, freezing investor activity and causing downturns in stock markets. It was a matter of time until all business sectors fell just like dominoes, leading to the loss of millions of jobs throughout the country, cutbacks in consumer spending and the inevitable crash of the housing market.

    National 04 November 2014 17:26

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