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  • U.S. Bank Completes Financing Deal for Two L.A. Senior Affordable Housing Projects

    An important financing deal securing the future of two urban senior housing developments in Los Angeles was completed last week when U.S. Bank confirmed that it is providing $55.1 million for the projects. The two affordable housing complexes have groundbreaking ceremonies scheduled this month. U.S. Bank is working with the Retirement Housing Foundation to get the two developments done. The banking giant will present the organization with a $30,000 check, in support of its current senior housing endeavors.

    Los Angeles 14 June 2013 15:24
  • U.S. Bank Closes $55.1M for Affordable Seniors Developments

    U.S. Bank paves the way for two Retirement Housing Foundation projects in L.A.; Beech Street closes $8.5 million for a Tampa refinance; and Alliant Capital provides a $975,000 loan.

    National 07 June 2013 18:30