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  • Is Your Apartment Like ‘The Avengers’?

    This weekend, I finally was able to go see The Avengers. It was just as full as explosions, witty quips and plot holes as one could have hoped for. Anyway, even if it’s not going to win any Oscars, it definitely was a lot of fun. And it’s perfect to model an

    National 04 June 2012 17:17
  • What Would You Pull From Pop Culture to Put in Your Fantasy Apartment?

    Sometimes with apartments you luck out with features and amenities, and get a pretty cool place. But don’t you ever wish you could cherry pick every item? TV and movies have some of the coolest and most interesting ideas about what would make a perfect living space (and have some

    National 13 April 2012 20:09
  • Would You Want Kramer as a Neighbor?

    Are you friendly with your neighbors? New Yorkers, for better or worse, are stereotyped as being very un-neighborly—most would be categorized as not being able to pick out their next-door neighbor in a lineup. (Actually, for me this is pretty true. I know my neighbors as “Woman who takes her kid

    National 23 February 2012 19:58
  • The 9 Best Apartments on TV

    Finding a new apartment is stressful. And you always have to make concessions—maybe you give up space for convenience, or you take a walk-up for because it’s less money. But you know what isn’t stressful? Watching TV. And television is filled with awesome—though, admittedly, not always realistic—apartments. Let’s take a look

    National 08 February 2012 18:35