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  • How to Throw the Perfect Summer Party (Your Residents Would Actually Attend)

    I hate to say it (actually I don’t hate to say it–it gives me blog fodder), but sometimes parties for apartment residents are lame. Like grab-a-slice-of-pizza-and-a-handful-of-fun-sized-Snickers-and-run-back-to-your-own-apartment lame. But summer is coming, which provides you with the perfect opportunity to make peace with the ghosts of apartment parties past. Here are some

    National 08 June 2012 19:18
  • What to Do When You Can Hear Your Neighbors

    One good thing about living in an apartment is that when things go bump in the night, it’s probably just your neighbor walking around, and not a deranged killer wearing a William Shatner mask and brandishing a butcher knife. Of course, one bad thing about living in an apartment is

    National 06 June 2012 17:20
  • What Should Go in a Welcome Basket for New Residents?

    One of the benefits of working for a multifamily publication is that people actually seek out my advice when looking for an apartment. My brother recently got a job in Manhattan, so I was helping him look for an apartment. And after going back and forth about a place (and

    National 10 May 2012 18:43
  • 6 Unwritten Apartment Rules That People Always Break

    Yesterday I went to a concert right after work. Though it was one of my favorite bands (Eve 6, in case you were wondering. The ’90s are totally back. Like, whatever), it wasn’t something I had planned in advance. I Forrest Gump-ed my way into the tickets that day because

    National 08 May 2012 20:48
  • What’s Your Apartment Breaking Point?

    Like a diva film actress who just found out her dressing room is stocked with yellow M&Ms instead of the requested green ones, I tearily told my husband, “I cannot live like this! How do you expect me to work under these conditions?” Yup, our washer/dryer is on the fritz. Again.

    National 01 May 2012 21:40
  • Are You a Bad Neighbor?

    No one goes in to apartment living expecting to be a bad neighbor—it just sort of happens. Seriously, it’s not like people, when they’re taken around by their brokers, say, “Nice size, great amenities, convenient location. It’s a perfect spot for me to act like a crazy person and annoy

    National 06 April 2012 17:31
  • Would You Want Kramer as a Neighbor?

    Are you friendly with your neighbors? New Yorkers, for better or worse, are stereotyped as being very un-neighborly—most would be categorized as not being able to pick out their next-door neighbor in a lineup. (Actually, for me this is pretty true. I know my neighbors as “Woman who takes her kid

    National 23 February 2012 19:58