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  • The Condo Comeback?

    Strained supply and high rents have condos in demand, though many developers remain hesitant.

    National 06 January 2014 18:09
  • Manhattan Condo Property Sees Rapid Sales

    In another example of the revived heat of New York’s condo market, the developers of Citizen, a new condo property in Manhattan, report that about 85 percent of its units have been sold in roughly eight months of active marketing.

    Northeast 17 May 2013 19:32
  • Upper East Side Condos Hit the Market

    In yet another indication of the return of the NYC condo market from its zombie period (ending perhaps in 2012), 150 E. 72nd St. has launched condominium sales.

    Northeast 26 February 2013 19:58

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