gross domestic product

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  • Economy Watch: How Does the US Economy Compare to Other Nations?

    By Dees Stribling, Contributing Editor Gross domestic product might seem like too much of a 30,000-foot number to care about, and in some ways it is. On the other hand, it’s a convenient shorthand for the overall health of the economy. No one was surprised, for instance, when GDP contracted rapidly

    National 31 July 2015 13:16
  • Economy Watch: GDP Drops, But Signs Point to Future Growth

    By Dees Stribling, Contributing Editor The Bureau of Economic Analysis, which tracks U.S. quarterly GDP for the government, always releases three numbers over the course of about two months, revising them further each time. The third estimate is the final one, and it goes down as the historical record as the

    National 25 June 2015 12:46