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  • Economy Watch: Slumping Gas Prices Good News for Retailers

    With gas prices expected to fall in the next few months, the more consumers will likely spend on other things, which is good news for retailers.

    National 11 August 2016 14:34
  • Office Vacancies Drop as Economy Strengthens

    Reis reported that U.S. office vacancies—the national average—dropped from 16.8 percent in the third quarter of 2014 to the 16.7 percent in the fourth quarter.

    National 06 January 2015 14:39
  • Retail Sales Flat in July

    In July, American consumers took a break from an increase in retail spending.

    National 14 August 2014 12:58
  • Employment Metrics Not Bad in March

    The increase in U.S. jobs in March (up 192,000) was welcome news to those worried that something more deleterious than cold weather had hit the economy during the winter.

    National 07 April 2014 12:59
  • Home Prices Up Annually, Barely Move Monthly

    The growth of home prices slows down, and U.S. total crude oil production should reach its highest level in four decades in 2015.

    National 08 January 2014 17:21
  • Gas Prices to Drift Lower

    The U.S. Energy Information Agency predicted that the economy—consumers and businesses and anyone else concerned with driving a gas-power vehicle—is going to catch a break next year because of lower gas prices.

    National 14 November 2013 16:12
  • Bank Failures Down to a Trickle This Year

    The Bank of Wausau, in the central Wisconsin town of the same name, became the 18th U.S. bank to fail this year, when the FDIC took action on Friday to forcibly merge the small bank into Nicolet National Bank in Green Bay, Wis. So far 2013 has seen only a trickle of domestic bank failures, especially when compared to the recession and post-recession years from 2008 to 2012.

    National 12 August 2013 19:01

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