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  • The Next Generation of Renters

    By Diana Mosher, Editorial Director I remember when riding the train from New York to Washington DC was a pleasant change of pace from flying. The actual travel time took about two hours longer, but you saved several hours at the airports at either end. Plus, you could recharge your laptop

    National 25 August 2015 19:56
  • Editor’s Note: Are Green Apartments Good Enough?

    I had the pleasure of interviewing thought leader Jonathan F.P. Rose, founder and president of Jonathan Rose Companies LLC and vice chair of Enterprise Community Partners for this month’s Executive Insight. Even before visiting the Bronx to tour the ultra green Via Verde (winner of Best Affordable category, 2012 MHN

    National 29 April 2014 16:43
  • Editor’s Note: How to Rock Resident Retention

    There’s no shortage of new (and tried and true) ideas for achieving resident retention success, but do you know how many of them your on-site teams are actually implementing? Since it never hurts to have a refresher, this month MHN takes a look at best practices for keeping multifamily residents

    National 15 December 2013 13:00