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  • The Not-So-Robust Housing Market

    The Census Bureau's take on housing market conditions is in.

    National 17 June 2015 20:39
  • Apartment Fundamentals Still Strong

    The apartment market isn’t remotely sluggish, but it isn’t the frenetic, ants-in-its-pants creature it became after the housing crash converted a lot of people into renters, or persuaded Gen Xers and Millennials that renting a few more years than their parents isn’t a bad thing.

    National 07 January 2015 16:22
  • CoreLogic Launches Online Leasing Solution

    CoreLogic, a global property information, analytics and data-enabled services provider, today introduced Leasing Manager from CoreLogic, a new cloud-based, online leasing solution for multifamily housing owners and managers.

    West 03 October 2014 19:25
  • Borrowers Could Face Difficulty Repaying Home Equity Loans

    Now that borrowers have to start repaying home equity lines of credits, lenders are fearing a wave of defaults.

    National 20 August 2014 18:24
  • CoreLogic Expands Tenant Screening Services

    CoreLogic, a global property information, analytics and data-enabled services provider, today announced the expansion of its tenant screening services to deliver enhanced data for rental applicant screenings for single-family rentals and the "small-landlord" market.

    West 02 April 2014 13:55
  • Surge in Las Vegas’ Home Prices Outpaces Nation’s

    The accelerated growth rate for home prices could spark a new trend as homebuyers will look to acquire property before the phenomenon drives average prices out of their budgets. Developers and home builders will also most likely once again look to the Las Vegas market and try to create as much housing stock as possible, in order to cash in on the growth.

    Las Vegas 05 June 2013 22:23
  • Corelogic Names Pam Storm Senior Vice President of Specialty Credit

    CoreLogic, a residential property information, analytics and services provider, announced the appointment of Pam Storm as senior vice president of Specialty Credit.

    West 04 March 2013 20:53

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