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  • Economy Watch: Construction Bounces Back

    By Dees Stribling, Contributing Editor U.S. construction spending, which had been slumping in recent month (even adjusted for the winter), rebounded in April, according to the Census Bureau on Friday. The rise was 2.2 percent in April compared with March, as opposed to a 0.6 percent drop in March compared with

    National 02 June 2015 13:46
  • Guest Blog: Multifamily Living, Multiple Choices

    By Christopher Frye, Senior Manager, NEEA To get a sense of how residents in the Northwest use energy in their multifamily homes and how units are constructed across the region, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) recently studied residents’ habits based on a random and representative sample of 230 buildings and 552

    National 24 September 2013 19:44