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  • FOMC Noncommittal on Interest Rates

    The Federal Open Market Committee released its notes from its Sept. 16-17 meeting, and as usual, it purposefully offered nothing conclusive about when interest rates will rise.

    National 09 October 2014 13:32
  • Federal Deficit Continues to Shrink

    The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the federal budget deficit for the fiscal year of 2014 (which ends Sept. 30) will amount to $506 billion, or about $170 billion lower than the shortfall in 2013.

    National 28 August 2014 13:11
  • Budget Deficit Continues Shrinking

    The U.S. Department of the Treasury, in its latest Monthly Treasury Statement, said that the country ran a $94 billion deficit in July 2014, down from $97 billion during the same month a year earlier.

    National 13 August 2014 13:25
  • Retail Sales Up Modestly in June

    Retail sales were up 0.2 percent in June compared with May, according to the Census Bureau, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes. Total sales for the month came in at $439.9 billion, up 4.3 percent from June 2013.

    National 16 July 2014 13:26
  • Rumbles of Trouble in the Euro Zone

    It’s been a while since the euro-zone crisis rumbled loud enough to bother investors around the world, but late last week Portugal halted trade in Banco Espirito Santo, which is the banking arm of one of that country’s largest conglomerate, with regulators citing “irregularities” in its accounts and asserting that it’s in “serious financial condition.”

    National 14 July 2014 13:20
  • Initial Unemployment Claims Reaches Another Low

    Initial unemployment claims came in at an annualized 304,000, an uptick of 2,000 from the previous week's revised level, according to the U.S. Department of Labor on Thursday. Last week the weekly claims rate was at a post-recession low.

    National 18 April 2014 12:33
  • Did the Stimulus Stimulate the Economy?

    The Congressional Budget Office examines the impact of the federal stimulus on its fifth anniversary, and both overseas stocks and commodities see an uptick on Presidents' Day.

    National 18 February 2014 14:52

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