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  • ‘Gimme Shelter’ with Daniel Gehman: Net Zero? Really?

    There was recently an article in my local paper about new “net zero energy” houses being constructed in Orange County, Calif. The headline on the piece referenced the homes being “nearly ready for electric cars.” A conversation with the developer (Herb Gardner of City Ventures) ensued, in which some of

    National 09 January 2012 16:49
  • ‘Editor’s Notebook’ A Visit to the Wind Farm: My Missed Opportunity

    It’s graduation season, and last weekend my sister-in-law threw a well-deserved party for our niece Monica who has completed high school. So, as planned, less than 24 hours (!) after I got home from NAA in New Orleans, I packed my overnight bag and we drove the five or so

    National 30 June 2010 01:52