Staybull Flooring Offers Recycled Wood Options

Stabyll Florring

Grover, N.C.—Staybull Flooring, a Grover, N.C.-based company that creates high-end recycled flooring, solves industry-wide problems such as wood waste, carbon emissions and toxic materials by producing a unique recycled wood product that offers a variety of eco-advantages.

Rosi Lehr, director of marketing for Staybull Flooring, says that 40 to 50 percent of the wood produced by each log is never used by the traditional solid-plank flooring manufacturers. This leads to tons of waste that is burned or mechanically ground into sawdust, producing unwanted carbon emissions.

By eliminating these practices and creating edge-glued, wide-plank flooring that offers more benefits than solid hardwood, bamboo and engineered flooring, Staybull Flooring solves the problem of wood waste.

Staybull Flooring recycles over 20 species of domestic and exotic hardwoods, producing 100 percent biodegradable planks. The multi-faceted surface planks that conceal wear and provide increased durability achieve an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to contemporary and transitional interiors.

With products that are made in the United States, the company’s mission to create eco-friendly flooring through a sustainable manufacturing process goes hand in hand with providing domestic jobs.

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