Spa-Like StyleTherm Shower Meets New CALGreen Requirements

The CALGreen-compliant StyleTherm shower system from California Faucets meets stringent water conservation codes while preserving a spa-like shower experience.

StyleTherm Shower System

Huntington Beach, Calif.—StyleTherm from California Faucets has become the first system on the market that completely complies with the California Green Building Standards Code, the nation’s first statewide green building code. The thermostatic valve not only fulfills California’s stringent new water conservation requirements, but also provides users a spa-like shower experience at an affordable price point. The price, performance and sustainability will certainly make the CALGreen version of StyleTherm a popular choice for luxury buildings seeking LEED or equivalent certification.

StyleTherm meets the green building code by using a two-outlet diverter valve with volume control features. This lets users toggle between single shower applications, thus meeting CALGreen requirements, while stilling offering the features of a thermostatic shower system, which includes volume control, anti-scald safety protect and exact water temperature setting.

The CALGreen version of StyleTherm has a volume control dial that engages up to two shower applications. By turning the dial clockwise, the user engages a single application, like a showerhead. If the dial is turned counterclockwise, the shower head turns off and a new application, like body sprays or a handheld shower engages. A precise flow rate of up to two gallons per minute can be selected for each application as well.

California Faucets offers the CALGreen-compliant StyleTherm is three trim options with over 25 choices for handle styles in addition to 34 finish options. The list price for the system is $429. See California Faucets’ website for more information.

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