Research Center - San Antonio

  • San Antonio Lures Investors

    The city has a diversified economy and employment is growing in most industries. That has fueled demand for apartments, which is expected to remain high as the metro continues to add jobs and households at a rate above the national average, and as more residents move south to avoid the growing cost of housing in Austin.

    28 June 2017 10:42
  • The Fountains of San Antonio Purchased by Metonic Real Estate Services

    The Fountains of San Antonio multifamily complex has been recently acquired by Metonic Real Estate Services, an Omaha-based private investment management company. This is not the first property the investors purchased in Texas, the metro area of the city seeming really attractive to them. In February of this year they became the owners of Sierra Ridge, a 230-unit apartment community located at 1401 Patricia Drive in North Central San Antonio.

    18 June 2013 13:24