Research Center - Houston

  • The Priciest Zip Codes in Texas

    Apartment search portal RentCafe ranked the 50 most expensive Zip Codes in Texas. Guess which one took the top spot?

    30 August 2017 14:49
  • Yardi Matrix: Houston’s Shaky Economy

    Houston’s multifamily market is still reeling from the oil price collapse in 2015, which resulted in thousands of job cuts and slowing investment activity.

    21 March 2017 18:58
  • Matrix Monthly: February Rent Growth Scores Love-Love

    While rent growth remained stagnant during February, Yardi Matrix's latest monthly report assures that strong fundamentals and the promise of a growing economy bode well for the industry.

    21 March 2017 08:11
  • Yardi Matrix: Houston Hits the Brakes

    Traditionally an energy-driven market, Houston is trying to reshape its economy as the drop in oil prices has decimated job growth in some segments and put a damper on the housing market.

    22 November 2016 14:46
  • Oil and Apartments

    Will oil prices continue to drop? What does cheap oil mean for jobs and apartments in the the energy markets? MHN's Mike Ratliff and Jack Kern aim to find out in this special edition research podcast.

    07 April 2015 14:22
  • Demand in Houston Remains Strong as Economy Prospers

    Strongly supported by a thriving energy sector as well as a robust multifamily industry, Houston’s economy is expected to experience further growth throughout 2014.

    29 January 2014 04:32
  • Houston Astrodome Named One of the Most Endangered Historic Places in the U.S.

    Once referred to as ‘the Eighth Wonder of the World’, the Houston Astrodome now finds itself in desperate need of a viable reuse plan in order to avoid demolition.

    24 June 2013 21:57