Renters’ Choice: The Holiday Spirit

Does your community decorate for the holidays? Does maintenance take off? MHN partnered with Kingsley Associates to see what residents thought about the holiday procedures at their communities.

“They tend to overdo the Christmas lights every year.” —New York

“I was very disappointed to find out that another resident ripped down my Christmas decorations from my front door. I know there isn’t much that the management can do to prevent this in the future, but it does make me feel uncomfortable with having neighbors that would do this.” —Lone Tree, Colo.

“The small things make big impressions. The fact we had NO lights outside for Christmas was appalling to me.” —Fort Worth, Texas

“The office hours could be a little longer, especially during Christmas Eve. Some packages were not delivered because the office was closed.” Towson, Md.

“Common areas need to be cleaned more often after Christmas trees are disposed. Maybe put cameras near trash doors so people don’t get sloppy.” Anaheim, Calif.

“Love the events like the gift wrapping Christmas party and yard sale. The staff are always so friendly and polite, too.” —North Bethesda, Md.

“The maintenance team informed us of what was going on with our request and did a great job addressing the issues. I was impressed that they responded so quickly, even on New Year’s Eve.” —Nashville, Tenn.

“I love the Christmas party and Santa Claus visiting the children.” —Roswell, Ga.

“I was without my microwave right after Christmas for seven days before anyone even came by to look at it.” —San Diego

“We were not satisfied with the snow cleaning system this month. We had a snow day and the sidewalks were not cleaned until later at night. They were slippery and accidents could have happened.” —Levittown, Pa.

“With all the snow we had this winter there were always workers salting and shoveling the sidewalks. It’s a big complex and you can tell all the employees do their best.” —Columbia, Md.

“Snow removal is an issue that needs to be remedied. Not enough people and the job is substandard.” —Elmsford, N.Y.




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