Rent Rite Directory Incorporates Amber Alert into System

By Barbra Murray, Contributing Writer

Dallas—Courtesy of the Rent Rite Directory, property owners, managers and real estate agencies can now receive notification—in real time—of a child that has gone missing in their neighborhood directly from area police departments. Rent Rite has just integrated Amber Alerts into its Neighborhood Email Alert System, thereby greatly expanding the Amber Alert system’s reach in one fell swoop.

Apartment investors George Pino and Joe Killinger launched Rent Rite in Dallas approximately two-and-a-half months ago and safety was a central concern from the start. The directory’s Neighborhood Email Alert System allows peace officers to distribute email alerts to subscribers, apprising them of crimes and suspicious activity in their immediate areas upon report of the incidents to the police. Now, Rent Rite has taken its offerings to a new level by adding Amber Alert to the system, which is presently available in both Texas and California.

Eager to promote the importance of the system, the owners of the Rent Rite Directory offer the service free of charge. “We make our money through our tenant screening services, but we wanted to introduce Amber Alerts for free so that we’re giving more people more time to become aware and respond,” Alex Rylance, Rent Rite sales director in California, tells MHN. “The Alert goes out to anyone signed on to our site and the police department can go in the system and update the alerts with photos of the missing children, the type or color of the car they’re searching for.”

Rent Rite incorporated the Amber Alert feature only two weeks ago and law enforcement has wasted precious little time availing itself of the directory’s newly provided option. On a single day earlier this week, two Amber Alerts were issued, one for a missing child.

“We’re working right now to get the feature to all other states,” he notes. “The owners are very involved in communities, particularly where children are concerned. They provide learning classes at their properties and they have a program that helps low-income families raise money for their children to attend college.”

Pino and Killinger are obviously not alone in their desire to provide a safe and productive environment for children. “The Amber Alerts have been very well received by the police departments and property managers,” Rylance says. “They’re very excited about it. It helps them to understand what’s happening in their communities, what could be happening right under their nose and they wouldn’t even know it.”

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