RCA Acquires Real Estate Econometrics

Dees Stribling, Contributing Editor

New York–Real Capital Analytics has acquired Real Estate Econometrics, bringing that company’s founder, Sam Chandan, on board as RCA’s global chief economist and executive vice president, and a member of RCA’s
management committee. Chandan holds a Ph.D. in applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he currently serves as adjunct professor of real estate.

Chandan was a doctoral scholar in the Economics Department at Princeton University and has served on the faculty of the Economics Department at Dartmouth College. He also holds masters’ degrees in economics and engineering. Prior to founding Real Estate Econometrics, he was chief economist and senior vice president at Reis Inc.

RCA believes the acquisition is a timely one, considering the state of the real estate investment market worldwide (including the trade in multifamily assets). “By adding one of the industry’s top economists to RCA, we’ve enhanced our ‘thought leadership,’ especially regarding capital flows and pending regulations affecting them,” Robert M. White Jr., RCA’s founder and president, tells Multi-Housing News.

Chandan founded Real Estate Econometrics in 2008 to offer analysis of policy and regulatory initiatives affecting commercial real estate, as well as commercial mortgage and equity investment surveillance. The company’s client base included banks and non-bank lenders, real estate investors, developers, brokers, researchers, and policy makers.

According to White, one bit of specialized expertise that comes with Real Estate Econometrics is its research into troubled real estate assets. RCA already has its own research on that timely subject, which it calls its Troubled Asset Radar product, “that provides property-level detail regarding the $350 billion in commercial property assets in the process of being foreclosed upon around the world,” says White.

Among other things, Chandan and his squad will bring their complementary research on troubled assets into the Real Estate Analytics fold. “They’ll improve coverage for RCA’s Troubled Asset Radar,” explains White.

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