ZaGo Introduces New Eco-Friendly Trim Series

ZaGo Flexible Mouldings Inc. has introduced its new Trim EZ Pro Series line of decorative flexible trims and mouldings, which provide the look and appeal of carved wood without the cracking, rotting or chipping. Custom-made from a high quality polymer composite and not from wood, Trim EZ trims and mouldings are easily bent or shaped for any curved or rounded decorative need, including base moulding on rounded walls, curves on crown mouldings, and casing on arched doorways and openings and custom window treatments. Trim EZ Pro Series replaces wood trim and moulding products that can rot and attract insects and therefore may decrease a need for chemical treatments or applications that can be harmful to the environment. As a result, the series can assist with improved air quality. Additionally, Trim EZ Pro Series are free of VOC emissions.Zago Flexible Mouldings Inc. will make a donation with any new order to plant a tree in honor of the customer with the Arbor Day Foundation to help bring America’s National Forests back to life.