Wood Partners Expands Acquisition Team

Atlanta–Wood Partners L.L.C. is expanding its acquisition team with the hiring of Curtis Walker and Don Foster, both investment executives who will take on senior roles with the company.

“This gives Wood Partners a tremendous advantage in a competitive market for existing multifamily properties,” says Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer Joe Keough. “Our network of development partners in 13 offices nationwide gives us in-depth knowledge to perform superior on-the-ground research. Curtis and Don clearly enhance our in-house expertise as we move aggressively on the acquisition front.”

Walker and Foster join National Acquisition Director Jay Jacobson, as they target top 20 metropolitan markets with an eye for out-of-favor markets with high population and job growth, while avoiding the currently more expensive high-barrier coastal and over-heated urban markets.

Walker has over 29 years of experience in the real estate industry, where for the past 23 years he focused exclusively on the multi-family sector. Foster brings 14 years experience in multifamily acquisition and disposition, during which he was responsible for $1.5 billion in transactions across the Mid Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest and Texas.

Jacobson adds, “Being able to differentiate between good and bad product is something that comes through years of involvement in real estate deals. You successfully buy and sell and underwrite so many times that it becomes instinctive – you just know when it’s wrong and when it’s right. Both Curtis and Don bring these instincts to Wood Partners.”

Walker will focus on the Southeast and Southwest, while Foster will cover the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. Jacobson, in addition to working with Keough on capital raising efforts, will target top 20 markets west of Texas.