Wind Crest’s Gas Cooktops

Wind Crest’s new line of “gas drop-in” cooktops are designed to preserve cabinet space, making them ideal for apartments and condos. The stainless steel finish cooktops are available in both a 30- and 36-in. width. The 30-in. five-burner model provides more than 63,000 BTUs of power and the 36-in. five-burner model provides more than 69,000 BTUs. All Wind Crest gas cooktops feature sealed brass burner ports for durability and more precise flame control when cooking. In addition, Wind Crest gas burners feature single-point electronic ignition and re-ignition systems. All five-burner models feature a dual center burner that provides heat outputs ranging from 400 to 18,500 BTUs, ideal for everything from simmering to searing or stir-frying.The continuous surface grate design allows the user to easily slide a pot from one burner to the next without lifting. The grate fingers are spaced to safely support all sizes of cookware anywhere on the surface, from an oversized stockpot to a small pot just four inches in diameter. In addition, all Wind Crest gas cooktops feature heat-resistant solid die-cast knobs for durability.The cooktops rise a marginal three-fourth-inch above the countertop for a more integrated appearance. In addition, the cooktops extend less than three inches below the countertop to allow for more