Why You Should Use Snapchat for Apartment Marketing (I’m Looking at You, Student Housing!)

Take advantage of this insanely popular social media platform.

jfiur thumbnailBy Jessica Fiur, Senior Editor

It’s possible you’re not using Snapchat yet for your apartment marketing. Or at all. And, I don’t blame you on that one. It’s hard enough monitoring your community Facebook page. And Twitter account. And maybe you even set up an Instagram account. What about Pinterest? Phew. That’s a lot of social media! Why incorporate another platform? Especially one that, when launched, sounded like it would just be used for teens to bully each other or something. I mean, disappearing pictures and videos? It totally sounds like the social media version of putting a flaming bag of poop on someone’s doorstep, ringing the bell and then running away. Attention grabbing, but ultimately an annoyance where the work doesn’t equal the reward.

But, think again.

Snapchat is huge right now. (Here’s a tutorial if you’re not familiar.) There are currently millions of users who use it daily. And most of its users are in the 34 years and younger group. Hey, a lot of renters are in that age group! Don’t you want their sweet, sweet eyeballs on your marketing efforts? Sure, maybe the app is just a flash in the pan. But remember, that’s what a lot of businesses said when Facebook started getting a lot of traction. And then, all of a sudden, everyone and their grandmother had an account, and people thought it was strange if they couldn’t find yours. The apartment industry is notoriously slow adopting to new technology. But why not get out ahead of the curve? And since Snapchat users skew a little younger than some of the other social media platforms, it might be a great place to focus marketing efforts for student housing communities.

So, you’ve downloaded the app. What are some good ways to use it for apartment marketing?snapchat

For starters, you can make apartment tour videos, or to show off amenities. It’ll give prospective residents a nice first peak at the community, and is more in depth than static pictures on your website. You can also make a video, or a build a story of different fun resident events. And then  you can use the caption to write something fun or catchy about it–something that wouldn’t be on traditional marketing. Snapchat is definitely a chance to show some personality and have fun.

Once you get a good handle on it, you can get even more creative. For example, you can tease a prize for an upcoming event, or a costume that you’re going to wear for a community theme party (which has the dual benefit of getting people intrigued and getting rid of the evidence so there’s no proof you were the Left Shark at the recent karaoke night). You can also use Snapchat to offer residents special deals–maybe a coupon if they’re renewing their lease or a special if they can refer a new potential renter.

Additionally, you can get your residents to do your marketing for you. You can have a promotion where they have to create a Snapchat showing their favorite part of the community, or a day in the life of a community member.

Or, you could just wait this whole thing out. Maybe it’ll blow over. Like Facebook. Oh, wait…

Do you use Snapchat in your apartment marketing? How do you use it? Are there any other social media platforms we should be using?