Who Should Be Your Apartment Building Muse?

You know how when you were little and were asked to draw a house, it always looked the same: a square with a triangle on top for the roof, a rectangle door, and maybe some square windows? (Actually, whenever I have to draw a house in Draw Something, that’s how it looks as well.) But all houses don’t actually look alike…unless you’re in one of those weird Twilight Zone type developments, where every home is the same model and design and you all read from the same book To Serve Man (It’s a cookbook!).

Houses look different. And so do apartment buildings. They can be skyscrapers, they can be apartments over a bar, they can be just a couple of stories, they can be houses converted into separate apartments… And, sometimes, they can be the Best. Building. Ever.

Like The Marilyn Monroe Tower in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I don’t think it’s actually called that, but the condo building has been dubbed that because of its curvaceous exterior. Happy birthday, Mr. President, indeed!

Would renters want to live in a building inspired by a celebrity? I think they would–it definitely makes a cool story. I’ve personally wanted to move to buildings for a lot less. For example, once I passed a building called “The Future” and wanted desperately to live there simply so I could make DeLorean jokes.

Anyway, might be something to think about when you’re developing buildings—why not make it inspired by somebody/something? It’s a great talking point.

And, what am I here for if not to help? Here are some suggestions for what I’m dubbing “apartment building muses.”

Like an apartment, built for the very first time.

The Madonna—There would be faux European accents throughout. Also, it would be in great shape, for it’s age. When first built, people would be a little leery about it’s risque architecture, and the architects will constantly “reinvent” the facade.

The Adam SandlerAdmittedly, not as good as it used to be, but still draws a big crowd, for some reason or another. And, like Adam Sandler who is gracious enough to have Rob Schneider in all his movies, this building would allow for similar-style buildings to be erected with it as an apartment community, even though the other buildings are inferior and never attract as many renters.

The George Clooney—Simply classic design that strongly appeals to women, but attracts men as well who are thrilled to just be associated with it. Cleans up real nice, too.

The Lady Gaga—This building would make waves for its avant garde take on modern design. But, then, more and more critics will say it’s just a rip off of The Madonna building.

The Tom Cruise—Impressive at a distance, but you’re always surprised at how short this building is in person. Some might argue the foundation is a little unstable, though.

The J-LoLike Jennifer Lopez, who sings, acts, dances, judges reality TV, this building would have a little bit of everything—a gym, an entertainment lounge, some shopping…OK, and maybe some would argue that these aren’t as good as other buildings’ amenities, it’s still an impressive display. And, there’s be a lot of parking spaces in the garage. Obviously.

Who else could you model an apartment building after?

-Jessica Fiur, News Editor 

 Photo credit: Featureflash