Why Your Staff is Your Greatest Amenity

You can have shiny, new amenities, but without a great team at your community, the residents won't be happy.

A good team in place at your community can make all the difference to residents. In fact, your staff is your greatest amenity.

You might think you need all the flashiest new amenities to attract new residents. And, sure, those will bring in some new people. But just because you don’t have a particular amenity won’t necessarily stop people. Don’t have a pool? Residents will find a town pool or just relax in the AC. However, if you have a poorly trained team, your residents won’t put up with it for long. For example, if the maintenance man never shows up for an appointment, or if the leasing agent out front always rolls her eyes if someone has a rent question, residents will begin to question if they want to renew their lease there, or go someplace comparable where the staff won’t give them attitude.

That’s not to say that all members of the apartment team need to become best friends with all the residents. Job competence is the most important factor. And a little friendliness goes a long way.

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