Using U2’s New Album Strategy for Multifamily

U2 just announced their new album and gave it to everyone for free. Why this was a great idea, and why multifamily should follow their lead.

A lot of new and surprising things were revealed during Apple’s announcement this week, beyond the expected announcement of the iPhone 6. One surprise was that the band U2 was releasing their new album and were making it available to everyone for free.

Their decision to both announce their album at the Apple announcement and give it away for free was genius.

It accomplished several things:

  • It got people talking again about U2.
  • It got them tons of press.
  • It got their music out to everyone.
  • It associated the band, which isn’t the hottest thing around anymore, with something cool, the iPhone 6.

This is also a strategy you could implement at your community to entice prospective residents.

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