Using Pop Culture as a Guide for Staying Relevant in the Apartment Industry

If you don't talk about pop culture immediately after the event, the topic will become irrelevant. And it's the same principle for the apartment industry.

With social media and new and exciting things happening all the time, if you aren’t participating when it’s happening, you’re either going to have it spoiled for you or the topic will be irrelevant when you do get around to being interested.

And that’s not just the case with pop culture. The same goes for the apartment industry.

For example, when was the last time you updated your community? Maybe you had the same set of residents for awhile, but with changes in the market, you were able to raise rents, which led to some vacancies that you’re not trying to fill. If no one is renting, maybe it’s because you have dated interiors. Where’s the stainless steel and granite countertops? You’ll end up wasting time adding them while your potential renters flock to your competitors who already upgraded their units ages ago.

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