The Super Bowl and Preventing Subleases

The Super Bowl might bring a rush of illegal subleases to nearby apartment communities. How would you prevent your residents from doing this?

This year, the Super Bowl will be held in East Rutherford, N.J., which happens to be pretty close to my apartment. Because of this, my property management company sent a community-wide email saying to expect a lot more traffic and crowds during that time in the neighborhood. The email also said that they know residents might want to sublease their apartments to football fans who will be flooding the area, but that all subleases need to be approved by management, and that they will not be approving any subleases near or around the Super Bowl.

The reason the management company listed was to keep the community quiet and peaceful for all of the residents. After all, new people coming in and out of the building at all hours could be loud and disrespectful to their neighbors. Especially people who are there for a short time—they’re likely to treat the place as a hotel instead of a place where people live. Plus, after a day of tailgating, they might end up damaging the units or the common areas.

To deter subleases in your community, the first step is to have a clause written in the original lease. Additionally, an email, like the one my community sent around will let residents know that they would be violating policy if they did.

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