The Suite Life

It seems like recently a lot of fancy hotels, such as The Plaza in NYC, are converting some of their rooms into apartments. And why not? Who wouldn’t want to be given the opportunity to live like Eloise, or, to a lesser extent, like a Kardashian. Hotels can be glamorous. They’re located in convenient areas. And, when they’re converted to apartments, one of the amenities usually offered is maid service.

Can you imagine? It’s like living back at mom’s, except without the judgment. (Plus, you’d get no, “What do you think I am, your maid?” because, well, they are.)

No wonder property managers are clamoring to make these conversions, and people are interested in buying or renting. After all, residents usually get to take advantage of all the hotel goodies, such as the aforementioned maid service, a concierge, valet and any entertainment the hotel offers its guests, such as a pool or restaurants.

Of course, there are some disadvantages to living in a hotel. For one thing, it’s probably noisier, and, if it’s a popular hotel, the lobby might get crowded. And the main elevators will always be full of people—and their luggage. However, some hotels do have separate entrances for residents, so this might be easy to get around. But there’s also the (admittedly slim) possibility that the hotel is haunted, ala the Overlook in The Shining. It’s pretty difficult getting lipstick “redrum” off your mirrors, although I guess that’s where the maid service comes in again.

However, if you own or rent an apartment in a hotel, you won’t have access to the minibar. Why even bother?

What do you think about living in a hotel?

-Jessica Fiur, News Editor