The Importance of Package Management

Package management is one of residents' top amenities choices. Who knew?

Packages. They’re not something we normally think about, until we’re waiting to get one. (And, since it’s the holiday season now, it seems like all the time.) It doesn’t seem like that flashy of an amenity.

But, no. Packages are the thing. This was a huge topic at the recent NMHC OpTech conference (read the transcript from our recent Twitter chat that addressed some of these topics).

Rick Haughey, vice president, industry technology initiatives, NMHC, laid out the popularity of package pickup during this chat:

Rick Haughey ‏‪@rhaugheyNMHC Dec 4 2013 Resident Preference Survey cited “Package Holding Area” as 2nd most desired amenity behind the fitness center.  ‪#NMHCOpTech

When you think about this, it makes a lot of sense. Package management fills a basic need that will affect most—if not all—residents at one time or another during their least. Read the entire blog here.