The 5 Worst Things a Landlord Can Find When a Renter Moves Out

Though you might love your renters—they do pay the...

Though you might love your renters—they do pay their rents on time, after all—at some point, they’re likely to leave you. It’s the nature of the beast, and to every season, turn, turn, turn. All that. And sometimes, whether intentionally or not, your former residents leave items behind. When I moved out of my last apartment, I think I accidently left my pile of take-out menus that I meant to throw out and a never-opened bottle of mudslide mix. If you found it, sláinte, former landlord!

Of course, what residents leave behind is often not as glamorous. It’s never a mink stole, diamond-encrusted goblet, or the map to find Curly’s gold. (And if it is, or even something not as valuable, I’m not sure if landlords have to keep it for a certain amount of time in case the renters come back looking for it. If you know for sure, let me know in the comment section.)

I came up with a list of the five worst things I could imagine finding in an apartment once a renter leaves.

The 5 Worst Things a Landlord Can Find When a Renter Moves Out

But who would leave this guy behind?

A Pet—If poor Lord or Lady Fluffington is left behind after a move, definitely try to feed him (who knows how long the poor thing’s been locked up in there by itself!) and call a local animal organization to take care of him if you don’t want to/can’t take care of him yourself.

Dead Body—Oy. What are you waiting for? Call the police!

Mountains and Mountains of Garbage—If your renter was a legitimate hoarder, don’t even attempt to clean it up yourself—you don’t know if the piles are sturdy or if there’s anything in there that you can scrape yourself on (or if anything is scurrying around in there). Call in a professional cleaning service to handle the literal dirty work.

Meth LabIt’s entertaining to watch Breaking Bad, but maybe not as entertaining in real life. Unfortunately, this happens more than you’d expect. Notify the police right away. It probably couldn’t hurt to consult a lawyer as well.

Little TimmyMaybe he was in the bathroom when the movers came, or overslept ala Kevin in Home Alone. Hopefully you have your former renters’ new address or phone number so you can get him back where he belongs. (Unless it’s a Ransom of Red Chief situation. Then you’re pretty much stuck with him.)

Have you ever found anything left behind in an apartment?

-Jessica Fiur, News Editor

Photo credit: WilleeCole