Stop Giving Cutesy Gifts to New Residents

Welcome gifts are great, but you'll get a better response from practical items than from 'cute' ones.

Moving is usually stressful for people. So many property managers give some sort of welcome gift to new residents to help them feel welcome in their new homes. Additionally, as a bonus, this allows for an excellent marketing opportunity because often included in the gift are company-branded items.

However, there seems to be a trend lately (probably due to the influence of Pinterest) where property managers are bundling candy, or soda, or cookies, and attaching a note with a pun, such as “You’re so ‘sweet’ to rent from us!”

This is cute, certainly, but will likely be unappreciated by residents.

While practical welcome gifts for residents might not be as cute, they are certainly more useful. Here are a few things you should include in a welcome gift that your residents will actually appreciate.

A packet with relevant phone numbers, menus and lists of amenities. This will be extremely useful to residents, especially if they’re new to the area. Include numbers for cleaning services, taxis, dog walkers and anything else that could be useful. Give menus and coupons for local restaurants. And provide a list of all your amenities with their hours of operations, etc. Also include ways to pay rent and anything else that could be important.

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