Spreading the Love to Your Residents on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day again. And—like Halloween—whe...

It’s Valentine’s Day again. And—like Halloween—whether you look forward to it every year, or not, at least you get candy, am I right? Anyway, there are many things you can do to show your residents some love on this day (and, no, I’m not sorry for the pun. If ever there was a day to be cheesy, it’s Valentine’s Day).

Have candy at the front desk. Cheap way to buy your residents’ affection? Sure. Effective? Definitely. Just don’t put out a bowl of those “classic” conversation hearts—not only is it a little “germy” to reach into a bowl for unwrapped candy that other people’s hands have touched, no one likes those. Seriously, they taste like chalk. Get fun-sized, wrapped chocolate bars, and see how quickly they disappear.

Put Valentine’s Day cards in their mailboxes or under their doors. It might seem like a pain, but you don’t have to write a personalized message or anything. Just have cards that say you choo-choo-choose them, and sign your name, or stamp the name of the management company. You already do it at the end of the year anyway (and, trust me, all residents know you’re doing it for a holiday tip. You’re not fooling anyone), and it’ll make people happy.

Have a building mixer. A great chance to get your residents to mix and mingle. Plus, maybe you’ll pull out your inner Yenta and make a match. (Practice saying with me, “Have you met Michael in 3B? He’s a doctor!”)

Host a movie night in a lounge. Sure, you can host a romantic comedy-athon (though, really, how much Katherine Heigl can one person stand?). But you can also go the opposite way and host a slasher movie fest. After all, not everyone is feeling romantic on Valentine’s day, and who wouldn’t want to see Jason terrorize a group of canoodling teens?

Offer a list of local babysitters, or arrange for a daycare room for the night. The adults will thank you.

Any other Valentine’s Day suggestions?

-Jessica Fiur, News Editor