Should You Put Holiday Decorations in Your Community Lobby?

Like Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog’s Day, we’re a...

Like Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog’s Day, we’re all slowly emerging from our turkey comas and seeing if the holiday season is yet underway. (It is. Looks like we’re not actually getting four more weeks of fall.)

Apartment communities sometimes get into the holiday spirit with their decorations. Trees, garlands, menorahs, all that fun stuff. It certainly is festive, and could get the residents in a cheerful frame of mind.

But, should you decorate for the holidays?

Here’s a list of pros and cons of decorating your community for the holidays.

Pro: It puts people in the holiday spirit. It’s the time of year many people look forward to for the other 11 months. And what better way to celebrate than some beautiful decorations?

Con: Not everyone celebrates. There are roughly 20 major religions in the world today (thanks, Google!). So your holiday decorations may appeal to some of your residents, but it may end up alienating some of the residents who don’t celebrate.

Pro: It gives the building some personality. For once, there can be something in the lobby to look at besides the message board that never says there’s a package for me. Ahem. Anyway, why does everything have to be so serious?

Con: It adds extra costs and manpower. Those Christmas lights might look pretty, but electricity isn’t free. And those Chanukah candles in the menorah? Total fire hazard. Better have someone on duty making sure your lobby doesn’t go up in flames. Bah humbug!

Pro: It’s a conversation starter. Mistletoe is a great way for Bob in 9B to ask Shirley in 4C for a kiss, all without the awkwardness of a first date. (Yes, I would like a kiss. And don’t call me Shirley!)

Con: It’s an eyesore. Maybe not for you, but one person’s twinkly wonderland is another’s “ahhh my eyes!,” which could be a problem if you’re giving tours to potential renters.

Pro: It’s a subtle reminder to tip the building staff. The end of the year is usually when people tip their doormen and building staff for the great job they did all year. Decorating is a way remind people, without having to remind people.

Con: It’s a subtle reminder to tip the building staff. See above.

Do you decorate your community for the holidays? Why or why not?

 -Jessica Fiur, News Editor

Photo credit: Gouraud Studio