Should You Go Trendy When Staging an Apartment?

Should you stick to a neutral palette, or should you show some personality?

Currently the chevron (zig-zag) pattern is on pretty much everything. So if you love it, should you decorate your apartment with it, or would you rather not have what everyone else has in their apartment?

What about when you’re staging an apartment? You want to appeal to the most potential residents as possible, so do you want to have the most current styles so that the unit feels fresh and modern? Or does it just scream “trying too hard”?

In a previous blog, I discussed how amenities can go out of style and need to be changed out for more popular amenities. However, when it comes to decorating, trends can noticeably go out of style a lot quicker. (Unless one of your amenities is like a fondue room or something.) Is it worth it to stage or design an apartment with the latest trends?

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