Should You Go Trendy When Staging an Apartment?

I’m having a bit of a crisis. I recently moved, an...

I’m having a bit of a crisis. I recently moved, and while I’m still procrastinating unpacking some boxes filled with non-essentials, I’m really excited about decorating. That’s where the crisis is coming in. I love the chevron pattern (that zig-zag pattern that you’ve totally seen absolutely everywhere lately). You can get chevron throw rugs, picture fames…it’s even a terrible nail art design. It’s fun, it’s stylish and it’s trendy. And there lies the problem.

Should I decorate with something that everyone else is using? Sure, it’s a nice pattern, and it’s important to decorate to your own taste regardless of what other people think, but do I really want to look back at photos of my place and be like, “That is so 2013″? Plus, do I really want my apartment to look like everyone else’s?

And I know it can’t just be me having this dilemma. What about when you’re staging an apartment? You want to appeal to the most potential residents as possible, so do you want to have the most current styles so that the unit feels fresh and modern? Or does it just scream “trying too hard” (sort of like when adults start saying things like Yolo! or hashtag-[fill in the blank] in an attempt to be cool)?

It’s like the whole royal baby thing going on right now. Once William and Kate (I’m clearly on a first-name basis with royalty) name their baby, that name will see a huge jump in popularity, with like a million babies being named Bob, or whatever the name is. But if you name your baby that, the rest of your life you’re going to be asked if it’s Bob like His Royal Highness Bob. After a while, that can get a little old.

In a previous blog, I discussed how amenities can go out of style and need to be changed out for more popular amenities. However, when it comes to decorating, trends can noticeably go out of style a lot quicker. (Unless one of your amenities is like a fondue room or something.) Is it worth it to stage or design an apartment with the latest trends? (Granite today…glass tomorrow?)

Going trendy has its benefits—it appeals to a specific audience, which could be good if you’re trying to target, say, young professionals or something. But it might scare away others. Going neutral is probably safest, but that could also be viewed as boring.

So what’s your take? How do you stage or decorate an apartment? And, what do you think of the chevron pattern? Cool and fresh, or next year will everyone see it the same way as they now see avocado refrigerators and shag carpeting?

-Jessica Fiur, News Editor