8 Traits to Look For in a Multifamily Employee

Resumes can reveal a lot about a potential propert...

Resumes can reveal a lot about a potential property management candidate—relevant experience, education and ability to write a resume, to name a few things. But they don’t tell anything about the personality of the candidate (unless, of course, they submitted the resume in crayon, which says they have a wonderful, childlike spirit, or are a serial killer. It could really go either way). You’re going to spend a lot of time with the people on your team, more than you do with your family. Plus, this person will be interacting with residents, so you want to make sure that he or she fits in.

Here are some traits that property managers might want to look for in a job candidate. If they have one trait—or a combination—they might be a great fit for the team.

A People Person: In the apartment industry, you have to interact with residents and potential residents. So it certainly doesn’t hurt if the person is friendly, outgoing, and in general someone people like. This person will make residents feel comfortable, and is always somehow cheerful on a Monday morning, before they even have their coffee. Curse them.

Someone Who’s Creative. This is the person who can turn your lobby into a spectacular ice kingdom for your Frozen-themed resident party (and creates a life-size Olaf out of snow cones. Do you want to eat a snowman?) The person who can turn any holiday into a celebration (Arbor Day Sundae Bar, anyone?) that gets your residents to interact, feel like they’re part of the community, spread good word of mouth, and all that great stuff.

Someone Who Takes Charge. Otherwise known as a leader. (Or, if you’re a younger sibling, you consider this person to be bossy. But, it’s not my fault you’re frosting that brownie wrong. Seriously, vanilla? Just do what I say, and we’ll all get to enjoy our chocolate-frosted desserts. OK? Thanks.) This person will be able to step in and make the important decisions that come up during the day, and residents will know they’ll be able to approach them when they have an issue.

A Planner. It’s great to want to have a resident event, but you can’t just think of something to do and then have it magically happen. Do fliers or announcements on social media need to go out? Do you need to work with a caterer? How many chairs should be put out? This person doesn’t sweat the small stuff (and in fact currently has a spreadsheet meticulously keeping track of all the small stuff).

A Techie. This person can help you with any computer problem you have. And can help install your package management software. And knows a cool new social media site you should use to communicate with your residents. And just read a blog about how to optimize your analytics for maximum ROI. And other things that will make you feel really, really old.

A Handyman (or woman). Did something break at the front desk or in a unit? This person can MacGyver a solution. It’ll be fixed in no time!

A Rule Follower. Look, this probably isn’t the sexist trait, but this is a crucial trait to have. This person will make sure residents know that the rent is due on a certain day, that they can’t save a lounge chair at the pool when other residents are waiting, or that you’re not allowed to use a gas grill in the middle of the living room. The rule follower will make sure that operations are going smoothly at the property.

Someone Who Knows the Best Place to Order Lunch From. A supremely important, yet often overlooked, trait that the best employees possess.

What traits to you look for in your employees?

-Jessica Fiur, Senior Editor