Motherly Advice For Moving into a First Apartment

Mother’s Day is upon us again. And, whether you’ve...

Mother’s Day is upon us again. And, whether you’ve had your brunch reservations made months in advance or you forgot and are seriously debating whether that “Mothers Day Roses Shipped 4 Free” spam email you got is legit, it’s time to sit back and thank your mom for all she’s done. Like how true the advice she gave you when you first moved into your first apartment was (although you’d never actually admit it to her).

Here is some of the advice I received when I first moved into an apartment. What advice did your mom give you when you first moved into an apartment, or, if you’re a parent, what is some of the advice you gave your kids?

Talk to your neighbors in the elevator. Actually, this advice came in the form of very loud musings while we were moving in and were standing in the elevator with three other girls about my age, to the tune of, “Are you friends with these girls? They seem nice.” (Side note, why do parents assume that just because you’re the same age as someone, you both know them and hang out all the time? Is that really a thing?) Anyway, even if you don’t become friends with people in the elevator, it is a great way make some small talk, learn a little about the neighborhood and have some friendly faces in the building.

Always take a cab home. For some reason, my mom still pictures NYC to be like a Scorsese movie from the ’70s, and always says I should take a cab home at night. (Though, ironically, I guess she’s not picturing Taxi Driver.) It’s never a bad idea to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings, especially at night.

Location trumps price. In addition to the gritty ’70s NY, my mom also sees it as the glitzy and glamourous Sex and the City NY (it’s a weird dichotomy), where there are always new restaurant openings, museum openings, galas, and cupcakes on every corner (OK, that last one is correct). So, even though my first building was a little expensive, she convinced me to live there because it was in the center of things. Live within your means, of course, but remember to have fun.

Word of mouth beats out online searches. Where every online posting, in her eyes, was just an alias for the Craig’s List killer, my mom would much rather have her friends’ recommendations for neighborhoods/roommates/pool boys. There are some great deals online, but always trust your gut, and be safe and smart when replying.

Cook! We all wanted that chef’s kitchen, so we should use it! It’s healthier and it’s cheaper than ordering take out every single night. Plus, if you have cooking skills like I do and burn the place down, you can always meet cute firemen (another piece of motherly advice: always look your best—you never know who you’re going to meet).

-Jessica Fiur, News Editor

Photo credit: ARENA Creative