How to World Cup-ify Your Apartment Community

According to my Facebook feed, it’s World Cup time...

According to my Facebook feed, it’s World Cup time. And, though I only know roughly four things about soccer (David Beckham, black and white ball, if you’re forced to play in gym class you can “play defense” and just stand there and stare into space for the period, and David Beckham), it’s the most popular sport in the world. So, it’s pretty likely that your residents are super psyched about the World Cup.

Why not take advantage of World Cup fever (take two pints of beer, and call me in the morning), and get your residents involved? Here are some suggestions.

Host a World Cup Viewing Party—Duh. Pick a big match (game? scrimmage? kick-athon?) and invite residents to a common area so everyone can watch together. It’s a great way to get residents involved in the community and for people to meet each other. Plus it’ll free up the TVs in the apartments for the roommates who don’t feel like watching soccer all day and would rather binge-watch Scandal.

Serve Country-Themed Snacks—Serve food from the countries that are playing. Or, you could make it potluck, and have residents bring food from either the countries that are playing, or from the country they’re rooting for.

Obnoxiously Correct Anyone Who Calls It Soccer Instead of Football—It’ll feel more authentic that way.

Organize a Soccer Game—Why should the players have all the fun? (Probably because they have the skills, and talent, and groupies. But whatever.) Organize a soccer game with your residents, either on the property or at a local park.

Make a Community-Wide Betting Pool—Have residents and staff members who want to enter make a betting pool. That’s a fun way to get people involved, even those who aren’t really into the game. (I think it’s a rule that the least knowledgeable person who just picks at random is always the one who wins these things.)

Vuvuzelas for everyone!—There is absolutely no way this could possibly backfire.