How to Appeal to Helicopter Parents During Apartment Tours

Here are some ways to appeal to parents of people who are looking at apartments.

Helicopter parents—those parents who call the school to discuss every single grade or even show up to their kids’ job interviews—are a relatively new phenomenon. And this phenomenon doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. Because of this, it stands to reason that when their kids are looking for a first apartment, these helicopter parents will be right along with them, asking tons of questions about the place.

Are you appealing to these parents when you give an apartment tour? You should—it’s likely that without their approval, the lease won’t get signed.

However, you want to mention different positive aspects of the community with the parents there than you would if it were just the potential renters.

Here are six suggestions on how to appeal to helicopter parents during apartment tours.

Highlight safety. Parents want to make sure that their kids will be safe. Do you have a 24-hour doorman? What about a video security system or an alarm system in the apartments? Let the parents know all the security features the community offers.

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