Apartment Trends We’re So Over

As a real estate editor, I see my fair share of ap...

As a real estate editor, I see my fair share of apartment trends. Some are pretty awesome—guest suites! package management systems! Frozen sing-alongs! [insert some pun here to ‘let it go.’ I’m not feeling creative]. But for some trends, well, can’t we just “let them go” already? (Yes! Nailed it!)

I’m sure some people still love these things we see over (and over, and over) again at apartments, which is why we’re still seeing them. But, it’s almost 2015, and I personally am ready to see what the new year has in store for apartments. So, while we’re all making resolutions we’re totally not going to keep (like we’d ever actually give up carbs. You know there are carbs in pizza. And French fries. And Wine. Yeah, like that’s going to happen), how about some apartments resolutions we’re also totally not going to keep even though we definitely should?

These are what I would love to see more of/less of in 2015. (And, PS, here are some trends we’re looking forward to in 2015.)

2015 Apartment Resolution: Use New Materials. Stainless steel and granite. Granite and stainless steel. We get it already! They’re striking. They’re clean. They’re completely everywhere. And, honestly, getting a little boring. Do renters and owners want their kitchens to look exactly like their neighbors’? Probably, considering the how much everyone likes it. But, it gets a little monotonous. Quartz is becoming popular now, but that’s still just another beautiful stone. What about wood? Or thick glass? Why can’t laminate come back—some of them are beautiful! And, stainless steel does look nice, but after awhile starts to look a little sterile. Plus, I don’t know if you know this, but magnets don’t stick to it. Why even have a refrigerator if you can’t put up that lobster magnet from your last cruise? In 2015, let’s resolve to change it up just a little bit.

2015 Apartment Resolution: Embrace Technology for Payments. In a world where your grandmother is Instagramming her lunch, why do most apartment communities insist on paper checks for rent payment? Fine, accept checks from the people who want to write them. Most renters would love to pay electronically though. Even better, pay automatically. Without an extra fee to do so. It’ll make them happy. It’ll make you happy when you get your rent payments regularly. It’s better for the environment, which should make everyone happy. (Oh yeah, and in 2015 let’s not listen to that Pharrell song anymore. So over that one.)

2015 Apartment Resolution: Find a New Go-To Pattern. Oh really, there’s a chevron pattern on the rug (or pillows or comforter) in your model unit? Sigh. So much chevron. And I actually like this pattern. A lot. But it’s only been popular for a little while, and it’s already starting to look dated. Enough already. Let’s get something else. Houndstooth? Checkers? Bruce Springsteen album covers? I don’t know what it will be. But those zig zags are super tired. Time for something new. (And I know, Bruce Springsteen album covers are not new. But no one will complain if there is a “Born in the USA” cover on their bed. You’re welcome, ladies.)

2015 Apartment Resolution: Cool it With the Pet Stuff. People love their pets. But people are also the ones who live in the apartments. I guess if you have a pet, your pet has to live there too. But anyway, there are dog parks and pet spas and doggy treats in leasing offices. In 2015, how about more playgrounds and hot tubs and chocolate chip cookies in leasing offices? Dogs have had their time in the spotlight; I say it’s time that we concentrate on having people get their bellies [metaphorically] scratched. Who’s a good boy? We are! We want the amenities! Who’s with me? Right? Am I right? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Fine! Keep your pet amenities! Maybe I’ll try again in 2016.

What are some of your apartment resolutions for 2015? What are some trends you want to see end (or see more of)? Happy New Year, everyone!

-Jessica Fiur, Senior Editor