Going Green (Literally) with Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year

As the days are getting colder, people have alread...

As the days are getting colder, people have already transitioned to their winter wardrobes. So that means shades of black, gray and occasionally some winter white (which I love for coats, and my dry cleaner loves for my coats as well). And, while black is tres chic for a Manhattan cocktail party or for slimming people after eating all that home-made fudge their coworkers bring to the office, when the outside world starts looking like the first 10 minutes of The Wizard of Oz, it can get a little dreary.

Same with apartments. Apartments for rent don’t generally change color for the seasons. In fact, they rarely change at all. Almost every apartment for rent comes in a standard shade I’ll call renter’s beige. It is so dry. Like toast. And, especially now when everyone is wearing black, gray, or winter white, these renter’s beige walls start looking less like a neutral and more like a cliche.

But, fear not! Pantone just announced 2013’s color of the year—emerald! So you can start making your reality like the main part of The Wizard of Oz. …Because of the Emerald City. Whatever. It’s a horse of a different color, OK?

Obviously, it’s easy enough to incorporate this pretty shade of green into your wardrobe to brighten your day—scarves, gloves, a gorgeous necklace (which I would love, hint, hint!). But what about the apartments? 

I know that you probably don’t want to paint the walls emerald. Because not everyone likes the color and you have to appeal to everyone when you’re trying to rent out your units. Plus in 2014 the color of the year will change. Or maybe you’re color blind and feel that choosing emerald as the color of the year is a personal affront.

But there still are ways to add some of that emerald (or, really, any color) pizazz to your rental units without committing to painting the walls.

A great place to start is your staging unit, if you have one. This is a great place to add some pops of color so that renters can really envision living in the property, and not just seeing generic rooms, and you can still get away with keeping the units basic. Colorful throw pillows and blankets would look beautiful there.

There’s also the lobby. You can change out the curtains or blinds or add a bright area rug.

If decorating is not your thing, how about brightening up your social media pages? How long has your building’s Facebook cover picture been a shot of your building’s exterior? Boring! (Sorry.) Find a photo that is more eye-catching and colorful (like maybe a shot of people in Cosby sweaters during that Ugly Holiday Sweater party you just threw for your residents).

Are you doing anything to brighten up your units during the winter? What do you think of Pantone’s choice of emerald?

-Jessica Fiur, News Editor