Are You Trying to Lease Apartments Without Hash Browns?

Are you trying to lease apartments or keep your residents happy, but missing out on a key element?

jfiur_infocusDid you hear the wonderful, amazing news?

McDonald’s is finally, finally offering their breakfast menu all day. No more crying softly on your steering wheel at 10:35 a.m. when you just missed the breakfast cutoff time.


It’s not all good news. Because of logistics, not all the breakfast items are going to be offered all day. And, because only one thing can be fried at once, they’re opting for fries instead of hash browns. I mean, yes, fries are awesome. But how can you have your lunch Egg McMuffin without a lunch hash brown?

They’re missing the best part. Why did they even bother?Hashbrown_potato_patty

Are you trying to lease apartments or keep your residents happy without giving them their hash browns?

It’s great to take steps to improve your apartment community. And residents will definitely appreciate upgrades. But, before you make a big change, think things through. Will the upgrade provide everything the residents will want? If something isn’t broken, sometimes half measures can end up causing more frustration than if you just left things alone.

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