Alternative Super Bowl Party Activities for Residents

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday. I know, I don’t rea...

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday. I know, I don’t really care either. But it is a good excuse to have a fun event for your residents. If you’re like me and couldn’t tell a football from… a slightly deflated football and have no idea why this is an issue, then here are some alternative activities you can have for your residents that will still get everyone in the spirit of the big game.

Flag Football. If your community isn’t currently buried in snow, and you have the space, you can arrange a friendly game of flag football (while also allowing for awesome alliteration) among willing residents. Let kids play too. Everyone will have a lot of fun, and, bonus, you’ll all burn off some calories so you can indulge while watching the actual game without any guilt. The calories burned during a half hour of flag football equal, roughly, three slices of pizza, seven wings, four beers and several handfuls of chips. That’s…probably not true at all, actually.


Katy Perry Karaoke. Katy Perry is performing during the halftime show this year. Why not dust off that old karaoke machine, or rent one if you don’t have one, and really hear your residents ‘roar.’ No, wait. I’m better than that. How about this one—let your residents shine like a ‘firework.’ No, no, that one is much worse. I’m sticking with the ‘roar’ pun. Whatever, you guys. Katy Perry has a huge catalog, and her songs are super fun. Extra points if your residents come in costume.

Junk Food Potluck. Let your residents show off their best dip recipes, their unique brownie recipes, their favorite flavor of potato chips (obviously plain. Sour cream and onion chips are gross. This is not open for debate). Crudite is not invited to this party.

Sports-Themed Movie Marathon. Leading up to the Super Bowl, have a viewing party with some sports-themed movies. There are tons to choose from. If you need some inspiration, my favorites include: A League of Their Own, Rookie of the Year, and Marathon Man, which isn’t a movie about sports, but does have a sport in the name, and also I don’t like sports. Oh! And Mighty Ducks! Almost forgot about that one. You can also do that “If you built it, they will come,” movie. To add some additional interaction with your residents, before the event you can ask people to post their favorite sport movies on your social media pages (I know I recently said in a blog that communities shouldn’t solely communicate to residents using Facebook, but this would be a situation where social media would be a great way to connect), or people could vote on a few different movies, and you can show the winners.

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo. During the game, hand out Bingo cards to everyone that list different things that typically show up during Super Bowl Commercials—animals, pretty ladies eating Doritos, cute babies eating Doritos, Clint Eastwood talking about America, etc. Have a prize for whomever gets Bingo first.

Super Bowl Viewing Party. It’s a classic for a reason.

What are some other things you can do with your residents for the Super Bowl? Are you having a community party this year?

-Jessica Fiur, Senior Editor