7 Things Renters in Their 70s and Beyond Want in an Apartment (And 1 Bonus)

Whether they’re seniors looking for housing or they’re looking for “seniors housing,” renters in their 70s and beyond have specific wants and needs on their apartment wish lists. And, boy, they’re not shy about letting you know it. Don’t let their age fool you: renters in their 70s and beyond want all the bells and whistles of an apartment that people first looking for apartment want (except, maybe a kegerator. Though, who are we to judge if they do?).

7 Things Renters in Their 70s and Beyond Want in an Apartment (And 1 Bonus)

Near Culture. Museums, theater and the local cinema, renters this age want to soak up some local color. (Side note: When you hear that phrase, does anyone else picture that I Love Lucy episode where she has to stomp the grapes to make wine? Anyone? Bueller? Must be just me…) Bars, rock concert venues and uber trendy bistros are probably not going to be strong selling points for this age group.

An area to socialize. Does your community offer a common area or a club house? Renters in their 70s and beyond will love to get out of their apartments and socialize with other residents (especially other residents their own age). Also mention activities that your community features, if any–arts and crafts, classes, lectures series, etc.

Accessible to public transportation. Just because many renters in this age bracket aren’t in the job market anymore doesn’t mean they don’t want to get around town quickly and conveniently. Public transportation is important for renters in this age bracket, especially for those who don’t drive. These renters have to get around somehow, after all! Additionally, you might want to point out alternate forms of public transportation that are near by, in case the main one won’t do. (For example, if a nearby subway involved walking down steep steps, also mention local bus stops.)

On the first floor or with an elevator. Again, stairs might be an issue for renters in their 70s and beyond. Leave the walk-ups for those in their early 20s!

Modern appliances. Seems this is what everyone wants. Whether it’s because of the cooking show explosion, or simply because people don’t want to put in additional work on their rentals, but if your kitchens and bathrooms aren’t updated, you might as well have tumbleweeds rolling across the apartment (symbolic ones, I’d hope). Renters in their 70s and beyond want updated kitchens (the better a certain grandmother can bake a certain granddaughter her famous chocolate chip cookies) and updated bathrooms. If you have them, you might also want to point out showers or easy access bathtubs.

Lots of natural light. My grandmother, specifically, said she would want an apartment facing southeast, so she would be able to enjoy the sunrise and the ensuing warmth throughout the day. If that’s not possible, lots of windows are always an attractive feature.

24-hour security. This is key. Safety is an important issue for renters in their 70s and above, who would like to know they have protection against intruders, or if they hurt themselves in the apartment and need assistance.

Bonus Possibility

Technology. This might not be for every renter who’s in this age group. But if you offer free WiFi in your lobby, or if you have a Wii playing station, this could be an interesting selling point. Many people in their 70s and beyond are going online and gaming and would love these features.

Anything I’ve missed?

-Jessica Fiur, News Editor

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