6 Ways to Celebrate Neighborday at Your Community

In multifamily, neighbors are a fact of life. And ...

In multifamily, neighbors are a fact of life. And that’s a good thing. Who else could accept a package for you or call the cops if they haven’t seen you in a few weeks and there’s a weird smell coming from the apartment? However, it’s likely that your residents don’t really know each other, beyond a brief nod at the mailboxes.

Well, it’s time to change that. If your residents get to know each other there will be a greater sense of community (and they’ll be less likely to leave). Luckily, this Saturday is Neighborday. Perfect time for some bonding experiences with all your residents. Yardi offers some ways to celebrate Neighborday in one of their recent blog posts. Here are some additional suggestions—and don’t forget to take lots of pictures to use in your future marketing or advertising (just be sure to get your residents’ permission first—in writing—before you take their photo).

Challenge another community to a kickball/softball game. Nothing causes greater camaraderie than bonding over a shared enemy. So why don’t you challenge a nearby apartment community to some sort of sports game at a local park (you could even have a cheering section for those residents who don’t want to play, like the type of person who would refer to it as a “sports game”). The winning team gets bragging rights (and, hopefully, pizza).

Throw a pizza party. Speaking of pizza, this is the one type of party that almost everyone enjoys. (Seriously, I don’t get why at meetings they have different sandwiches for everyone. There’s always something gross on them. And, yes, I’m a lot of fun at parties.) Free dinner and a chance to mingle? What could be better?

Organize a community-wide scavenger hunt. Divide interested residents into teams with lists of things around the community they need to get or take pictures of, and first team to check everything off the list wins. (And, clearly, for a neighbor-bonding scavenger hunt, one of the items must be a cup of sugar.)

Have a block party/carnival. Bouncy castles. Cotton candy. Beer (or soda, depending on your crowd). Games. Music. Deep-fried everything. There is literally nothing better.

Organize a community service project. Your residents could have a can drive, or all go clean up a local playground together. (Or they could all help clean up the mess left over from last week’s crazy block party.) That way your residents could all bond while also doing good for the community.

Have a town hall meeting. OK, this isn’t as sexy as the other choices. But you might get a big turnout. Organize a meeting where your staff and the residents gather and people could bring up issues they’re having or explain procedures. That way everyone gets all the vital information, and is able to start putting faces to names. And make sure to serve some snacks as well. (Just not sandwiches. Seriously, gross.)

What are some other ways to celebrate Neighborday at your community? Happy Neighborday, everyone!

 -Jessica Fiur, News Editor

Photo credit: Peter Baxter