50 Shades of Property Management

It’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday, which is a grea...

It’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday, which is a great time to show your residents you appreciate them. Are you searching for some ideas for something special to do at your community?

Well, as you know, a little movie called Fifty Shades of Grey is coming out this weekend. And even though it’s a movie based on a book that is just some poorly written Twilight fan fiction (seriously), and certainly something you should not be seeing with your residents, the name is definitely inspiring. So that’s something.

So in honor of Valentine’s Day, and the name Fifty Shades of Grey, here are 50 ideas for you and your residents to celebrate Valentine’s Day at your community.

  1. Put cards for residents under their doors
  2. Card-making station for kids (and kids at heart)
  3. Candy at the leasing office
  4. Romantic movie marathon (examples: When Harry Met Sally, Love Actually, Bridget Jones’ Diary)
  5. Anti-romance movie marathon (examples: The Exorcist, The Shining, Valentine’s Day)
  6. Happy hour
  7. Encourage people to post on your social media pages what they love about your community (#Ilovemyapartment)
  8. Make your own sundae bar
  9. Lonely hearts mixer
  10. Have residents (probably the kids) fill out Valentines cards and post them on leasing office door
  11. Valentine-themed scavenger hunt
  12. Valentine’s Day party
  13. Cooking demonstration
  14. “Justify that box of chocolates” work out class
  15. Chocolate tastings
  16. Class about pairing chocolates and wines
  17. Have babysitters and child-friendly activities so parents could drop off their kids for a few hours and have a night out
  18. DIY Valentine decoration station
  19. Dance at the clubhouse
  20. Cupid costume party
  21. Candygrams
  22. Take pictures of happy couple residents for your community Instagram account
  23. Cupcake decorating station
  24. Arrange discounts at local restaurants for residents
  25. Have a free shuttle to take residents into town/restaurants so they don’t have to worry about drinking and driving
  26. Cheesy love song karaoke
  27. Valentine’s Day fun run (with hot chocolate at the end)
  28. Hot chocolate bar (different marshmallows, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, etc.)
  29. Pizza party
  30. Set up doughnuts and coffee
  31. Red Wedding (just kidding)
  32. Give out pet treats for all the residents with dogs
  33. Have volunteers to watch pets while residents go out for the night
  34. Raffle off passes for a couples’ massage
  35. Name a star in honor of your residents
  36. Signature drinks at the front with cute names (these don’t have to be alcoholic, but they obviously should be)
  37. Set up Skype in your computer area so residents can talk to their loved ones who don’t live near by
  38. Have chocolate covered cherries and strawberries
  39. Champagne bar
  40. Pin the tail on the Cupid game
  41. Bake heart-shaped cookies
  42. Valentine’s Day trivia
  43. Start a collection for people to donate to the American Heart Association
  44. Happy hour. I know I said that already, but, you know.
  45. Tacky Valentine gift exchange (chocolate from the drug store, flowers from the gas station, etc.)
  46. Poetry reading
  47. Invite people to post their best/worst/funniest Valentine’s Day stories on the community Facebook page
  48. Valentine’s Day Pinterest party (go on Pinterest and find some craft ideas, and get the supplies for residents to make them)
  49. Pet mixer (residents welcome, too)
  50. Do nothing. It’s just a dumb, made-up holiday anyway. Bah, humbug!

Love to hear some other ideas! What are you doing for your residents? Are you planning on seeing Fifty Shades of Grey?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

-Jessica Fiur, Senior Editor