5 Ways to Give Your Community an Apple Watch Makeover

Yesterday Apple had a huge announcement where they...

Yesterday Apple had a huge announcement where they gave more details about their soon-to-be-released Apple Watch. And now we all know what we’re going to do with that extra 10 grand we have laying around in our apartments, right?

Well, time will tell whether the Apple Watch will go the way of Google Glass, and be cool in theory but look totally lame in real life (and, like, be unusable. But, more importantly, will look dorky), or if we’ll all be walking around with our future-watches like George Jetson. But, as of now, people are super excited about the new Apple Watch coming out.

So, property managers, why don’t you take a note from Apple and give your community an Apple Watch makeover? Here are some ideas how.

Improve on existing amenities—Even if the Apple Watch doesn’t take the world by storm (but it probably will), it is interesting that they’re trying to make watches happen again. People don’t really use watches anymore. (I mean, I do, but I also keep track of dates on a paper calendar on my desk and listen to Bon Jovi un-ironically, so guerrilla marketing firms aren’t exactly lining up to get me to be their taste maker or anything.) But, why not though? What’s old is new again. If you have amenities that aren’t as popular anymore, why don’t you modernize them a bit. For example update your business center so it has free Wi-Fi, or, at least get a coffee machine that makes cappuccino instead of just having a boring coffee pot or something.

Care about looks—Apple is famous for their beautiful, sleek products. The Apple Watch will follow suit. And looks matterit’s why we don’t usually wear sweat pants to client meetings, no matter how comfy they are. So, take a look at your curb appeal, and make sure everything is tended to: paint any areas that look faded or chipped, clear away any lingering snow from the paths, make sure none of the windows look dingy. Same with the inside of the community: there shouldn’t be any garbage or dirt in the common areas, and try to replace any outdated decor.

Offer unique partnerships—OK, this is technically for Apple TV, not the Apple Watch, but it was announced during the same event yesterday, so whatever. Anyway, Apple is partnering with HBO, which will offer HBO Now to subscribers. Which doesn’t really excite me because I was a Dexter fan and that show is over and was also not on HBO. But some people are fans of that little Game of Thrones show, and are super pumped. Anyway, you can also have exclusive partnerships with local businesses to entice renters. Maybe see if you can work something out with Uber to get discounted rates for residents if they’re leaving from the community, or offer discounts to local restaurants.

Focus on fitnessThere are all sorts of amazing fitness-related things you’re going to be able to do with the Apple Watch, such as track your steps and your calories, and, I’m sure it’ll beep or something when you eat too many brownies (for the record, too many brownies is infinity brownies). People are more health conscious now, so now is really the time to step up your fitness game at the community. Offer new gym classes if you can. Or at least just keep an eye out at the gym and fix machines when they break. And have someone clean frequently. Because, people are gross and don’t always wipe down their machines. Which totally isn’t your fault, but, again, is gross.

Don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach—As previously mentioned, there will be a $10k version of the Apple Watch. There will also be normal-people versions that start around $350, and I’m sure there will be something at every price in between. There are going to be different colors, different bands. Something for everyone. Remember that in your marketing. Don’t just list your apartment on one specific website, try a variety. Talk about the cool bars nearby, but also mention that you’re near great schools. Remember, different things appeal to different people.

Have the correct time—I’m assuming the Apple Watch will be able to tell time in the same way that the iPhones make callsit will be able to do it, and well, but that always seems like a secondary purpose. Anyway, while amenities are great, make sure you have a handle on your basics, such as maintaining your apartments and taking care of maintenance issues. Oh, and also literally have the correct time, just in case someone asks.

What else can you do to make apartments like the Apple Watch? Are you going to get one when it comes out?

-Jessica Fiur, Senior Editor