5 Ways Property Managers Can Set Themselves Up for Success

Running a successful community doesn't just happen. Here are some suggestions to make things run smoothly.

Recently, I had a really great commute where I got to hear all of my favorite songs. It wasn’t a coincidence though–I had recently filled my iPod with my favorite artist’s albums. If you fill your iPod with songs you love, you’re more likely to get a string of awesome songs in a row. Likewise, if you have a great strategy for managing an apartment community, things are more likely to go smoothly day to day.

Deal with maintenance requests quickly and efficiently. If a resident reports something wrong, have the maintenance team fix it quickly, and fix it right. That might mean spending a little extra, but a brand new whosiwhatsit or electrical thingy (the preferred, technical terms) will end up lasting a lot longer than a quick patch-up job, which will lead to fewer things breaking down the line. And when the requests are dealt with quickly, residents are a lot happier.

Let residents know right away about changes that will affect them. Are you changing the way residents can pay rent? Is the lawn being treated so residents can’t go on it? Did you rent out the parking lot to the high school marching band at 4 a.m. so they can practice for an upcoming parade? Let residents know as soon as possible. That way they can plan accordingly, and there will be less confusion and fewer complaints while it’s going on, and ultimately things will run smoother.

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